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Horsekraft Zeolite

The ideal supplement for horses. Zeolite with valuable nutritional additives detoxify, deacidify and purify the animals and show considerable effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of several diseases. It strengthens immune defenses, boosts performance, builds musclestrength and endurance, and provides more shine for the coat.

Horsekraft Zeolite powder & pellets

Detoxifies and deacidifies -a high-quality supplement to the basic nutritional supply for breeding, sports and leisure horses. Deficiencies and many illnesses can be prevented. Added to feed or water or fed along with hay, it helps the horse to efficiently digest the food and fully utilize its benefits.

Horsekraft pure Hoofpowder

For the treatment of thrush and wet or cracked hooves. The high content of zeolites - combined with tea tree oil -cleans, disinfects and dries the affected hoof effectively, in a natural way.